ADACX with AutoCAD

Good morning/afternoon All,
We are receiving more and more requests for an AutoCAD version of ADACX and we thought we would send out a quick letter to get an idea on how many of our users (and potential users) would be interested if we went ahead with the development for such a version.

While we strongly encourage you to give Bricscad a go and believe it to be much more affordable, and in many ways a better solution for most tasks, we also realise that may of you have an existing business relationship with Autodesk.
We are happy to develop a solution for those clients but due to the increased costs of running and developing for AutoCAD, we will have to charge a lot more per year to cover our setup, subscription, and ongoing development costs.

The annual subscription fee for an AutoCAD version (not AutoCAD Lite) of ADACX would be $1800.00 + GST per year

If you think you would be interested in an AutoCAD version of ADACX or have any questions please let us know via email to

We will assess the numbers and get back to you as soon as possible. It will most likely happen eventually but if we see strong support for this version we will prioritise the development to get the AutoCAD users up and going as soon as we can.

Thanks for your time,
-- The ADACX Team